X-MAX 300

Due to the current situation in the UK and Europe, our suppliers are running a restricted service so some items may not be available. However, we will endeavour to help and will call you if we have any problems with your orders. 

High Screen

Sport Screen

XMAX Scratch Protection

Heated Grips Connector Cable

Bar Mount

Hand Muffs

Aluminium Foot Panels

Universal Stay

Console Bag


Underseat Compartment Divider and Bag

Passenger Backrest Stay

Passenger Backrest Cushion

Rear Carrier

39L City Top Case

39L Top Case Passenger Backrest

39L Top Case Inner Bag

Top Case Lock Set - Standard Operation

50L City Top Case

50L Top Case Passenger Backrest

50L Top Case Inner Bag

Cover for Licence Plate Holder

Licence Plate Holder