AGV X70 Legends

For our new AGV Legends Collection, we have taken inspiration from past models that were worn by some of Italy’s most renowned motorcycle racers. We know these legends well, because since 1947 we have witnessed their birth and shard their rise to success. We have two models in our Legends, the X3000 and the X70, that are designed to evoke the achievements of AGV motorcycle legends, including Giacomo Agostini and Renzo 'Paso' Pasolini.

The X70 is an open face helmet which design pays tribute to Renzo Pasolini, who refused to make the change to a full face helmet – features include a double d-ring fastening system and a removable interior.

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AGV X70 POWER SPEED Pure Matt Black

AGV X70 VOLT Champagne/Black

AGV X70 MINO 73 White/Red


AGV X70 RIVIERA Blue/Rainbow

AGV X70 MONO Matt Black

AGV X70 MONO Matt Light Grey

AGV X70 MONO Black

AGV X70 MONO White