MONOKEY® is the historical patented fitting system by GIVI, whose main characteristic consists of the possibility to operate with only one key both the opening of the case top and the detachment of the case from the fitting plate of the bike (or the scooter, small or mid-sized)....
The extreme comfort and ease of use is only one of the characteristics that have made this fitting system for panniers and top cases the most utilized in the motorcycle world. Thanks to this system, all the cases and plates of the MONOKEY® range combine the best characteristics of mechanical resistance and rigidity of the fitting, with features using compact and light components.

The even distribution of the load on the plate surface is guaranteed by the three fitting points, which are placed in such a way to obtain the widest possible contact surface. The damping of oscillating and vibration and the contact between the bottom shell and the plate are assured by four spacers made of elastic material, which is particularly resistant to extreme weather and temperature variation. Thanks to this solution a high level of reliability of the fitting is guaranteed even under the heaviest stresses and strains over the years, due to the road bumps or the driving conditions.