Schuberth C4 Pro Woman (Flip front)


 The new for 2020 SCHUBERTH C4 Pro Women, is the flip-up helmet to have for the most discerning motorcyclists. Now with a Pinlock 120 Anti fog visor as standard the new C4 Pro draws it's inspiration from all the previous Schuberth Flip-Up helmets and pushes the bar even higher! It encompasses the best cutting edge technologies and top of the range quality, with the C4 Pro having an incredibly compact shape that you would not think is a modular helmet. The Schuberth C4 Pro has an optimized acoustic design and brand new interior making it one of the most comfortable high performance flip-up helmets on the market. The C4 Pro is of course compatible with the Schuberth SC1 bluetooth Communication System.


Schuberth C4 PRO WOMAN Matt Black

Schuberth C4 PRO WOMAN Gloss White

Schuberth SC1 SRC Advanced Comms C4/R2

Schuberth SC1 SRC Standard Comms C4/R2

Schuberth SC1 Remote C4/R2