SRC Bluetooth System Duo - Schuberth M1

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  • Description
  • The SRC-System fits into the Metropolitan 1 in an elegant and functional manner. The SRC-System is simply latched into the ready-made notches and can be used immediately. From phone calls to bike-to-bike discussions through to navigation and listening to music: all the options of this high-end communication system are available straight away.


  • Bike to Bike Intercom with a range of up to 500m
  • Click-to-link Intercom for spontaneous intercom connection to other riders nearby
  • Make/Receive/Reject calls by voice command or at the push of a button
  • Receive GPS navigation voice instructions
  • Connect wirelessly to A2DP/AVRCP enabled MP3 players and mobile phones for stereo music
  • AGC tecnology - Self adjusting speaker volume according to speed & ambient noise (Customisable)
  • Receive software updates via your PC or Mac
  • DSP technology: Digital Signal Processing for advanced audio functionality
  • High quality audio at motorway speeds
  • Up to 8 hours talk time /1 week stand by (recharging from wall oulet or USB connection)
  • Bike to Bike or Rider to passenger intercom requires an additional SRC system or Scala rider
  • Mobile Phone and GPS connectivity require Bluetooth enables devices