Oxford Premium Rear Paddock Stand

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Oxford's new PREMIUM Paddock Stands are stronger and easier to use than anything which came before.
A compact frame construction makes them very rigid and very stable. At the same time, an elongated handle provides excellent leverage, so lifting your bike requires minimum effort.
Their powerful construction makes these stands suitable for the widest possible range of applications - from lightweight to big bikes - and rear stands come with both L-shaped cups for swing arms and forks for bobbins.
Features include:
 Heavy duty steel clamps - for maximum rigidity
 Ultra strong frame - compact construction with 38mm tubular steel frame
 Extra torsional supports - for increased rigidity
 High quality double wheels - for smooth lift and maximum stability under load
 Elongated handle design - for more leverage and a controlled lift
 Both L-cups & Forks for bobbins provided for rear stands
Clean Grips are included free of charge:-
 Attach to stand for comfortable lifting
 Attach to handlebar grips before starting maintenance