HJC RPHA 11 Matt Black

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RPHA 11 - marginally better in every way.

This is a completely new helmet in every aspect. New shell, new visor, new interior, new EPS, new ventilation. However, the products central theme is the aggregation of marginal gains. The many little gems of feedback provided by racers on the outgoing RPHA 10+ (none of them individually earth-shattering) have been used to spec the RPHA 11.

All those comments which start this is great, but it would be even better if. Have been heard. The development team at HJC has LISTENED and ACTED and many small improvements in every area have created a large difference at the end.

Still comes in 3 shell sizes, but an XXS (52cm) size has been added due to demand from both racers and women.
Still made from HJCs unique Premium Integrated Matrix, but re-shaped to save weight to compensate for all the additional features added to this helmet.

Extremely strong but only 1300g fully loaded.


Complete overhaul of approach towards ventilation, for the benefit of both racers and road riders. HJCs wind tunnel has been adapted so that individual vents performance can be measured in litres of air transported per second.
Additional (adjustable) brow vent; additional chin vents (adjusted from inside), additional exhaust vents; redeveloped top vents with rubberised wheel adjusters and full internal seal to prevent water or wind ingress when closed; new rear vents under spoiler designed for maximum suction; new moulded channelling through EPS to connect all of the above vents.

The result is measurably impressive ventilation, which has been benchmarked against the best of the competitor products.


Dual Shield Lock System. HJC has kept its very popular central locking mechanism for the visor - so easy to use because anyone can find the centre of their face (where the mouth is). But they have now added a deadlock in case racers should hit the tarmac face-down and de-latch the mechanism.